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What to Do in Case Your Car Breaks Down

Helpful Emergency Towing Tips

We have all been there before. We are cruising at high speeds, enjoying the view of an unfamiliar place, and suddenly, your car stops for unknown reasons. For these types of situations, it is best that you call a professional emergency towing company right away so that your broken down car can be taken to the nearest auto repair shop so that you can be on your way again. However, it will be a while until help arrives, and during that time, you can do some things to ensure that the towing process is quick and easy for both you and the towing team. Here are some things that you can do while waiting for the towing team to arrive:

Be Visible

If the problem is the battery, chances are, your car won’t be able to use its hazard lights, and if you are driving at night, you will not be visible to other drivers, which can result in accidents. If your car is stuck in the middle of the road with no lights on, make sure that you are visible by using a visible cone or something in your car that will make you more visible until the emergency towing team arrives. You can even use your lighter as an indicator that you are in the middle of the road.

Be Calm

The problem is a serious one, however, do not take this as an excuse to panic. Make sure to remain calm until the roadside towing team arrives. This will greatly reduce any stress or frustration that you might have felt the first time your car broke down. However, you won’t have to wait long because most emergency towing companies’ representatives arrive shortly after they get a call.

If you want prompt and reliable towing and roadside assistance services in Richmond, VA, call View Point Towing at (804) 298-7101 and we will send a team to your location right away.


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