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2-Reliable Flatbed Towing Service

Reliable Flatbed Towing Service

When you talk about towing services, the first thing that might come to your mind is a hook and a pulley dragging your car to the nearest auto repair shop. However, there are other towing options in Richmond, VA that you can take advantage of aside from the standard towing service, and here at View Point Towing, we make sure that we provide you with a lot of options so that you can save on towing expenses, and at the same time, also avoid damage to your car.

All About Flatbed Towing

One of the best towing options that you can choose from, especially if you are transporting your car long distance is flatbed towing. This type of towing transportation service is the best option if you own an expensive vehicle such as a sports car or a heavy equipment vehicle like a bulldozer. This towing service involves mounting your vehicle on top of a flatbed truck using different mounting tools. Since your car will be mounted on the truck, the wrecker can be driven faster compared to the standard towing service and wheel lift towing.

Our Expert Flatbed Towing Service

We have a fleet of flatbed trucks that are ready to be rolled out upon your request. Flatbed towing is useful if you are moving to a new home and you do not want to drive because your new residence is far away. Our flatbeds are always maintained by professional mechanics to ensure that they are able to carry large amounts of weight and will not break down easily. When it comes to professional flatbed towing service, we are the experts that you can rely on for quick and safe transportation services.

If you are looking for a professional that will offer you impeccable towing solutions and a well-maintained flatbed towing truck, call View Point Towing now at (804) 298-7101, and talk with one of our dispatchers in Richmond, VA.


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